November 2021: Our busiest month

Updated: Jan 10

Nothing stopped in November. Once we expanded our under 5 clinic to treat as many children as came, a tsunami of toddlers was unleashed.

Some malnourished, their bodies "dry" as they say here in Liberia.

Some breathing faster than marathon runners.

Many burning with malaria.

All in need of our help.

As usual the team stepped up, serving well-beyond expectations. November's under 5 clinic saw over 1300 consultations, and from there we admitted over 200 into both the paediatric ward and newly painted paediatric emergency department.

Behind every number is a precious child, carrying the hopes of the village which raised them. One such child was a 3 year old boy who came to the ELWA paediatric emergency department with watery diarrhoea. He was vomiting so much that getting increasingly dehydrated. Soon he slipped into a coma, and his parents had almost given up.

When he arrived in the hospital, his hands and feet were cold, he was unconscious and very dehydrated. Despite several attempts to gain IV access, there was no way to do so due to the extent of the shock. I was so thankful for our recent ETAT plus training, as our team were able to very quickly establish intra-osseous access and to begin an appropriate fluid management plan. Initially the parents were frightened to see a needle in the child’s lower leg, however as they saw fluid pouring and their little son starting to become more responsive they were quickly relieved. The fluid calculations were able to be carried out entirely by local staff as was the ongoing hydration management.

Within 5 days he was eating and drinking as normal and able to run around like the happy boy he had been before admission. Hopes and dreams restored!

Lifesaving intra-osseus access:

Speaking of Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) plus training, November saw our team train 66 people to save children's lives. Here is one of our able doctors who passed with flying colours:

Here is our newly decorated ER:

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